Merry Christmas! Let’s reflect on a popular phrase this time of year – Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Books Mentioned:
The Cross by Martin Lloyd Jones

The Names of God by Nathan Stone

A Farewell to Mars by Brian Zahnd

Romans 1 by Martyn Lloyd Jones

The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel

Strong’s Concordance (Hardback)

Strong’s Concordance (Free Online)

The Early Church on War, Peace, and The State (Article)

The Early Church on War, Peace, and The State (Episode)

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  • I would like to start a dialogue on this topic within the libertarian christian community. Do you believe that the government has a role to play in marriage? i.e. Legalizing same sex marriage or keeping it off the books, or should marriage be between the parties involved and the state has no role to play?

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  • I just joined Philosophical Anarchists, my first group. I wanted to add this as a comment on the topic, “How to defend the NAP.” Couldn’t figure out how to do so, but saw the “start new” button and clicked on it. So here I am, not to defend but to challenge NAP. My inspiration for questioning NAP is an article I read in THE VOLUNTARYIST by Spencer Heath MacCallum entitled, “A Skeptic’s View of One’s Right to Defensive Force. Since I cannot add to Spencer’s argument, I would invite those who care to consider an alternative to NAP to critique Spencer’s article:

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  • When you think of Christmas what song comes to mind? I seem to listen to Jazz during this holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong etc…..

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  • I’ve noticed that there’s a general consensus that Christmas, around the 24th to 26th – is spent with family. However, NYE seems to vary a lot more. Younger people seem to be out with their friends on this day (night?), while some of my friends from more traditional families also stick together on the 31st. What are your experiences, and what have you observed?

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  • Hey All, We will be having an #AntiwarHaiku contest this holiday season to show our support for peace and We will announce the full details and prizes on Monday the 16th and the contest will run until the 16th of December. An email address will be used for official entry but simply use the hashtag #AntiwarHaiku to have your entry seen and shared on twitter. Look for the full details on on Monday. Peace! ~Drew

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