Welcome to episode fifty-eight of the Ancap Barber Shop! In this one, we “break down” esteemed ghost hunting documentary “Sir Noface”. For almost an entire year now, It’s been widely accepted in the scientific community that the DEFINITIVE evidence proving the existence of ghosts has been found (upon the 2018 documentary release). But could the boys (and girl) be on to something? Is it possible that the juggalo filmmaker is simply lying? Even though every scientist ever agrees that ghosts are real now??? Find out this and more in this fortnight’s episode.

So me (Scott), Adam and Erika are on the panel for this one. We get right down to business by starting to watch the documentary, and talking about it, just like you’d expect…

Chad Calek embarks on a journey DOWN UNDER to verify the validity of camera footage caught by Australian native paranormal investigator and former minor league rugby guy, Craig Powell and his troupe of ghost hunting associates, W.S.P.R. The footage shows a child-like super-creepy ghost looking dude, swing into a door way from a room or hallway we never get to see for some reason. The ghost that was originally supposed to be an ADULT military guy in uniform swung it’s gimpy body in front of the camera for about two goddamn seconds and swung back. Notice the figure’s head doesn’t pivot. Just looks straight ahead. Most of the figure appears to be static, while the extremities swing in pendulum fashion, following the spooky specter’s movements.

Chad who has a fucking clown tattooed on his fore arm plays the skeptic, holding poor Craig’s “feet to the coals”. He presents the following possibilities: The ghost is real or the footage was faked with CGI technology. He doesn’t bother to consider whether or not it could have been a doll of some sort. I mean all those cosplay dorks like Dave make shit that looks realer than that alien looking bastard. It doesn’t move like a person, it moves like a doll or a dummy or something.

My money is on Chad faking the whole thing. Craig is probably in on it but maybe not. Damn this is a funny ass movie though, so mad respect for the dawgs.

Oh BTW here’s an article from someone a little more skeptical than the skeptic videographer, that I thought was pretty damn good.

“There is one more possibility. Chad faked the whole thing. Chad has a proven history of profiting fr… Read more at

Wow, I tried to copy and paste a SMALL excerpt from the article and it regenerated the text to link me back to the website after only a few words. Well that sucks for you if you like long show notes I guess.

I’m not gonna knock it though, it’s a pretty good article, I actually read the whole thing, by myself like a big boy, and it was pretty good. Wow.

Oh here’s the IMDB:

It got a 3.9/10 so, pretty good.

And here’s the link to watch the movie on Amazon:

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Scott McDonald is the Ancap Barber. Born and raised in Huntsville AL, he is an agorist barber extraordinaire. Along with his beautiful wife, Erika McDonald, he fathers the wonder child, Elsie McDonald. Scott has been involved in political and philosophical discussion for most of his adult life. His mission in life is to spread liberty at every opportunity, as well as eventually owning his own barber shop. Adam Brown is a musician, libertarian, and minarchist, as well as the co-host of the Ancap Barber Shop. He and Scott make up the doom country duo, Pinecone Percy. Adam believes in minimal government and personal freedoms, you will usually find him shredding on a guitar, banging on drums or debating anarchy and religion with Scott. He was born and raised in Huntsville, AL. His goal is to share his passion for freedom and liberty to anyone and everyone.


  • Reposted from here:   The NAP is a silly, needless distraction. I don’t care about it and neither should you.   There are too many Ancaps who think they need to reconcile every single issue with the NAP. They think we need the NAP to base an ancap legal system on. They run through all the possible problems they can think of, and come up with ‘solutions’ based on the NAP. “Abortion? Well… it’s trespass, therefore violates the NAP, so you can kick the baby out.” etc But whats the point? There is no need to think about every issue and it’s “solution”. The market will do that on its own. To me, the NAP is just the seed of the state. It’s just a remnant of the ancient hierarchical wetware that humans seem to be born with. A weird need for some measure of top-down central planning, even in a society based on bottom-up market solutions. In a true ancap society, there will be no single overriding rule that’s imposed on everyone. There would be, instead, a polycentric legal system like the one described in David Friedman’s Machinery of Freedom ( Stop looking for easy, black and white answers… we just need to find a way to get around or remove the monopoly on violence, let people start choosing their legal system based on market mechanisms instead of “democratic” voting, and everything else will fall into place. More: – – – EDIT: Here is my point, in a more direct way. Talking about the NAP is about as useful as talking about a “Best Price Principle”. Lets say there is a principle that says “in a free market, people selling goods should offer them at a price mutually agreeable to both the buyer and seller”. You don’t need a principle for that… it just happens with competition. What I’m getting at is… there is no need for the NAP. There is no culture in the world where people think murder and theft are good things. So when you put human beings together in groups without any monopoly on violence, and the checks and balances of the free market operate without any influence of a monopoly on law or violence… then the will of the people, ie being generally nice to people and not murdering or stealing, will prevail. There is no need for it to be “a thing”. You don’t have to set up rules or principles. Human interaction is a complex adaptive system, it works from the bottom-up. Prices are set, bad behavior is punished. It just happens. This is why the NAP is useless. It’s like saying “for optimal health, human beings should have a beating heart.” EDIT PART 2: so what I’m hearing from NAP advocates is that its not something that would be forced on anyone… it’s not a law… it’s just a ‘principle’ describing how one SHOULD live. Thought experiment. Imagine 2 ancap societies… one without any mention of anything called the NAP, one where the NAP is a widespread ‘principle’. Do you honestly think the non-NAP society would be rife with murders and theft simply because the people there didn’t know they shouldn’t do that?

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  • Suppose a group of Ancaps are on the verge of overthrowing a government somewhere and imposing a libertarian social order. Suppose there was a debate in the US about whether to use the military to help them, stop them, or do nothing. Which do you choose and why?

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  • I’m seeing a lot of wonderful growth in the libertarian Anarcho-Capitalist movement in North and South America. But I’m not seeing European anarcho-capitalist movements. I would like to know about European AnCap libertarians.  Does anybody know?

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  • Hello Liberty Community! We wanted to introduce ourselves as the latest liberty-based podcast to join the net. We recently chatted with Jeffery in an episode we will be releasing next week and he suggested we join the site to say hello, to meet fellow liberty-minded folks, and share our content with you! Here’s the most recent episode released today! Feel free to get a hold of us and let us know what you think! In their most controversial episode yet, Danny and Michael arrive very late to the party to plumb the depths of the possibly well-intentioned, though likely intellectually faulty social justice movement and find they have very different opinions as to why the movement exists.

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  • Thoughts?

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