Why is the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles so important? Caryn Ann concludes a three-part series on the LP and the Enduring Importance of the Statement of Principles. If you want the background on the history and meaning of this very important document, you don’t want to miss this trilogy of episodes. Make sure to start with the first episode of this trilogy and listen to all three to get the most benefit from this.

My article “Abortion and the Libertarian Conscience” –

My IPR article on taxation is theft –

Thomas Knapp “Against Stockholm Libertarianism” –

  1. Frank Robinson “2005 Mickey, Me, and the LP” –,_Me_and_the_LP_by_D_Frank_Robinson
  2. Frank Robinson “On the Statement of Principles” –

1972 Platform –

1974 Platform –

1976 Platform –

2016 Platform –

2018 Platform –

2016 Convention Minutes –

2018 Convention Minutes –

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