When did serving the federal government become synonymous with being your brother’s keeper?

Joey rants–we call it a rant because that’s what it is–about the older generation bemoaning the lack of a sense of civic duty among Millennials. Joey fears many of his elders who criticize the younger generation do not intend to encourage voluntary service, but hope to impose an obligation on the young–even if it means conscription–to American nationalism as proclaim by the government in Washington D.C.

That is, “civic duty” means compulsory devotion to the red, white, and blue nation-state.

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  • As a recovering minarchist (alcoholics will understand the term), I’m still registered to vote and as such, got the letter from The State. While trying to remove myself from the body politic, this is one item I’m torn on. Thoughts on participating in jury duty are appreciated.

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  • Has anyone checked out Simbi for bartering their skills or service time? Looks like an interesting development, an AirBnB for your time with a credit system rather than cash. Shows good potential, so please speak up if you have used it. I see offerings for pilot training, banjo lessons and culinary arts.

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  • This article is fascinating because it brings together many elements which formulated my current philosophy. Many quotable lines and only a couple of flaws in the analysis but overall keen and mostly optimistic. Points I’m highlighting: FOCJ, myth of nationalism, Dunbar number, neo-medieval The closing paragraph makes me want to find more about the author.

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  • Have many of you read any or much of his works ?   And how influential do you think he is whether directly or indirectly in most Western nations? Notably the US.   Thank you all

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  • How do you think a non-aggressionist should think about what is happening in the Ukraine?

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