Joey waxes poetic on the difference between the artist’s lie and the politician’s lie and calls out Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare, as the face of the Selfish Institution, the State.

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  • I’m curious if there are any sculptors here. Or maybe collectors or just enthusiasts? Where have you incorporated or seen the theme of liberty in sculpture (beyond the obvious torch bearer loitering near Ellis Island)?

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  • Chimpanzee Politics (1982) – has anyone read this book? Amazon:

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  • What do people think about the leaked shell game documents? One PM has already resigned.  Will this Out a lot of hypocritics in office, overall a good thing or will too many ethical users be sullied by the fallout?

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  • One of the best means to get rid of the parasites is to understand that politicians are ego-driven interventionists and that there is no moral authority for any (repeat – any) intervention into the economy. In other words, ego-driven interventionists are immoral and economically ignorant and should be shunned and ostracized as villains. This is the mindset that is beginning to take hold and will continue to grow.

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