Due to the heroic action of whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and intrepid reporters such as Glenn Greenwald, the public has now confirmed what they long suspected to be true: the NSA, under the purview of the secret FISA court, has built an “architecture of oppression,” which is being used for the transnational collection of free communications of innately free peoples. For the state to now be preying upon this free development of economic power in the name of “keeping the people safe” or “fighting the war on terror” is not surprising. As said above, state power has been manifest in many cruel and unique forms, and this particular type of state predation upon the free development of communications has been seen before in the history of the American colonies.

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  • After reading Jeffrey’s recent article on Edward Snowden here on, I felt compelled to draw peoples attention to the following roundtable discussion with James Corbett of CorbettReport, Sibel Edmonds of BoilingFrogsPost and Guillermo Jimenez of TracesOfReality. The discussion dates back to December 2013 but I believe it is still relevant. I have included a short 10 minute version and the full hour long discussion below: What is Greenwald Covering Up? (Short version) What is Greewald Covering Up? (Full Version) I am not expressing any opinion here but merely bringing peoples attention to some information that they may not be aware of.

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  • @massimomazzone writes: “So, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. A couple of days ago was the anniversary of Oklahoma, was Timothy McVeigh morally justified? I am fed up with this “tactically counter-productive” and other B.S. Was he morally justified? Even if a lot of “dupes” or whatever Spooner called them, were killed, including children? I do not think so, but I would love to see a debate. I grew up in Italy as a Communist Party member when the Red brigades were killing people, personally, I have been vaccinated against violence. What about you guys?” Thoughts?

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  • Australia has had its first case in ages, of fake cops trying to pull someone over, a woman. Its a very dangerous situation because the only solution suggested by the police is to run from the Police! It also, in this case, may have been terrorist related. One of the incidents that started the balkan war was a set of police attack on Serbs and Muslims by what are now believed to be fake cops. People were attacked by cops claiming to be from the other ethnic group but seem to have been the same people. Agent provocateur’s.

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