Joey is joined by Eric July, leader of the hip-hop/metal band Backwordz, to discuss how Eric first discovered his love of music, how he became a libertarian¬†activist, the role of music and entrepreneurship in spreading his ideas, how the left wants to limit “blackness” to mean serving a particular political ideology, and much much more.

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  • join live hangout: Today on ‘Life is People‘ Timsk Coomber will be hanging out with musician Terra-ist. (¬† ) at 7pm GMT href=”” target=”_blank”> Hiphop fuelled verses, beefed by catchy grimy bass with groovy dubby licks. Finished with scatty breaks, heavy drums and rocked up gritty vocals. Join us.

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  • title=”Join us”> Ste Pye AKA Terra-ist of Leeds, Britain is a doer and teacher of modern musical methods.

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