All the warnings from past and present — that power would destroy and control the truth from a central nexus — have not yet come to pass. No, again, what we see today are many competing narratives. And though this suggests the world is on the verge of changing for the better, it is no doubt all very confusing and perplexing in the short-term. With so many voices claiming to offer the “real story” or “the truth” or “universal values” in competition with one another, disenchantment was bound to become our lingua franca for a time.

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  • Not too long ago I decided to ask a Scottish Socialist an economic question about the socialist system he advocates on his YouTube channel: “Due to the preclusion of exchange for goods of higher order, what is the basis for state officials directing the alternative applications of the factors of production towards thousands of different and changing consumer needs and wants of different urgencies in the least-cost manner for society at large?” The answer to my own question was basically going to be that state officials cannot have a basis for directing the factors of production due to the absence of the price mechanism, but as you can see in the comments section he didn’t really answer my question. As you can see above, he has now responded to my question with a new video, but after listening to it I cannot compile a sufficient answer to reply with in order to get him to understand where he is mistaken.–WA Can you tell me what point he is still missing?

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  • Cryptocurrency Opportunists Investors and early adopters of cryptocurrency recognize the inevitable revolutionary change awaiting society and the huge income opportunity before them as they prepare to capitalize on the mainstream public adoption of this new technology trend in the next 24 to 36 months. The purpose of this whitepaper is to bring clarity to the marketplace to help investors and early adopters recognize where real value and opportunities lie. – Bob Wood , CEO, Nexxus Partners

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  • I had a serious epiphany driving home from work today. I had realized, I don’t have to feel guilty or afraid anymore because of what society or the government would label me as.   I just drove home and felt…pureness. Innocence for ONCE in my life. And it all came from the feeling of Freedom. Having Freedom, and recognizing it in others. Even before a court of “law.” They have no right to take my Freedom away, and in thinking this I realized, that I was already, and always will be, Free.   When I parked at my plot I saw two young girls and a boy, and one of the girls had a puppy and the puppy was SO HAPPY! Full of joyful curiosity for adventure, and then I realized Freedom was in that puppy. And I thought…that is Freedom.   As the boy and girl with the puppy walked ahead, I saw the other girl turn back and walk towards a rose bush, she picked a rose from the bush, and then I had witnessed… that is Freedom.   No one has ANY right, to take that away from anyone. NO ONE. Neither YOU nor me, God or the Devil himself… NO ONE! (Not that I’m religious mind you, no offense.)   Freedom is more than just speaking freely and choosing freely.  It is being able to be like that puppy, or like that girl that had the ability of CONSCIENCE to pick that flower out of her own Free Will.   In these moments I had the epiphany of TRULY respecting EVERYONES Freedom and understood what Freedom was all about.   Maybe I’m just a sentimental bastard, or maybe I’m just an emotional.   But I do know, that this feeling of Freedom is too beautiful for ANYONE to take it away from anyone else.   I personally feel that we can rehabilitate thousands of people in the penal system, if we simply explained to them the concept of Freedom: that it brings happiness and joy and compassion to others, and without Freedom, there will be none of those things. They will not exist. Freedom is pain, Freedom is suffering, but its also joy, life, happiness and compassion!   Have any of you had moments like this? Where time just slows down and catches up with your thoughts? And then BOOM! It clicks. It makes sense, you have an epiphany of the human soul. Hopefully there is someone out there that has had it.

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  • Why do I assert that the individual is the basis of all things to be considered? Because of situations like this. Society is a myth; society fights drugs, society sets up stings and when an individual gets caught in the crossfire then society makes restitution so all is whole.  Wrong! Some individuals hatched this plan, some individuals made mistakes and the innocent individual is left holding the bag as the monopoly of society simply says “oops” and by the way you have no recourse. Who Pays When The DEA Destroys Your Vehicle And Kills Your Employee During A Botched Sting? Hint: Not The DEA

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  • Libertarians only believe in individuals, not a fictional society often used to justify extortion and theft. What would a libertarian say about the actions of a mob? If a mob committed a crime, is that a failure of society? Or are individual actors within the mob responsible for their own actions? What about a crowd tsunami that crushes and kills someone? No one individual alone used enough force to kill the person, but several dozen or hundreds may have. Is there a society or mob in that case? Who bears responsibility for the crime? Is there a crime? Is there justification for violating individual rights in order to prevent such occurrences? Is there justification for violating individual rights for the good of society?

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