“The ancien régime is recast again and again! Having tasted the intoxicating fruits of power, new interest groups fear there is not enough bounty to go around. Power renders them selfish, brutal beasts.  So, they seek to conserve their gains through force. They forsake the rights of others to their privileges whilst upholding their privileges as rights, and they commission the political authorities, their governments, to bolster barriers against the free-flow of liberty and justice for all.”

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  • I own my house and several investment properties.  I purchased them from people who purchased them from people who purchased them from people.  Earlier on, ownership of them was granted to people after the American revolution took possession by military might.  Prior to that, it was granted by the King of England.  Prior to that, people came into “ownership” by conquest (i.e., militarily taking them by force from prior inhabitants), and prior to that, by exploration (i.e., taking them by force from nature).  Is this “might makes right” the original source of property ownership, or are there some brilliant Libertarian minds, wiser than I, who have postulated grander justification for the original source of the right of ownership of property?

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  • Most of the time when I am looking for a documentary’s most are very left leaning so I think we should start a list of documentary’s on for libertarians and anarchists. I will start with 2 I am aware of   Terms and conditions may apply A documentary made about the hidden dangers in the terms and conditions of most software.   Libertopia A documentary made about the Free State Project.     I hope to see this list expand with many helpful and informative documentary’s.

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  • I find it odd that the Libertarian candidates never touch base on this issue in their campaigns. I want all anarchists, Libertarians, Anarcho-Capitalists, ect too answer.   The photo below shows the “Great Society” leader, and the other who was accused of being a Communist insurgent shaking hands over the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I guess this photograph sums-up on what version of history one will refuse to accept, and the other which will be accepted as the “norm.”  

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  • In a death penalty case, do they have the “Right” to life/live, or is life considered a “Privilege”  and is thus justified in the state taking it away? I go further…Who determines if a life is a privilege or a right? Is that even possible to dictate?

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  • “The whole business of authority is to interfere in other people’s business.  Princes and priests can never resist imposing restrictions.” – P. J. O’Rourke, On the Wealth of Nations

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