Joey raps about how the truth is hard to find when everyone is claiming they know it. Who or what can we trust for our scientific, political, and even divine knowledge when so many of our scientists, politicos, and priests seem to be just as fallible as anyone of us? Joey suggests Progressivism has been sold under a false narrative, embellished like a Brian Williams’ story, and continues to be proffered as a populist potion, a cure all our life’s ills, when it is really a poison. “Truth” and “conviction” are the Progressive’s, the priest’s, and the propagandist’s tools of untruth. Do not be deceived.

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  • First of all, by who? By the interventionists and all those indoctrinated by government financed education. Austrian economics is considered obsolete because it does not allow the ‘modern economic manipulations’ of the progressives and the empiricists! Somewhere lost, in the early days of frenzy (for example, during the time of promises of cushy jobs for economists who accommodated government manipulation of the economy) when the ego-driven interventionists strove to gain positions of power, is the question regarding methodology. Actually it is the ‘physics envy’ of the empiricists that is obsolete since the appropriate methodology of the social sciences is subjectivism. Subjectivism is beautiful and dynamic and in harmony with the human reality which to the empiricist and the progressive is incomprehensible. To conclude, in all truthfulness, the propaganda and indoctrination of the empiricists and progressives (who did gain power and institutionalized it during their heyday frenzy) should state that Austrian economics is incomprehensible (since it is to them) rather than obsolete (like their physics envy).

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  • Thoughts?

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  • People tend to think that despots are a surprise. Suddenly a society encounters a Hugo Chavez, a Hitler, a Fidel Castro, Mussolini. After that society suffers as a victim the rigors of despotism. In this book I put myself away of the┬áthe myth of the innocent society. On the contrary, the despot is the product of misconceptions that have been injected or prevail in a society. They are very specific ideas, completely incompatible with the notion of limited government, representation and rule of law. The book is now available in the library to download. Those misconceptions, which are not exhausted in this list are: identification of dictatorship with physical violence, absolute democracy, social democracy, egalitarianism, the class struggle, identifying legislative will of state law and the pursuit of government wise, the income tax even the notion that the press is going to keep us free. And there is an answer that we can search together: Can this happen in the USA? Just ask yourself if these misconceptions are already settled.

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  • Where are the battle lines? Of course individuals can vote their conscience by choosing to boycott or choosing not to boycott. But in a fascist environment the propaganda of the government pressures people to act in a certain way. Can a representative of a company that provides valuable goods and services speak freely without fascist retaliation? A ‘mob rule’ boycott is really the blind imitation by the masses to the propaganda put out by the fascists.

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