In this episode Alex and Alex discuss the Netflix original Marvel’s Defenders.

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Alex Shaw is the libertarian host of The Classical Liberal podcast. Always surrounded with politics, Alex has always been searching for a way to help his fellow Americans. From the political philosophy of Classical Liberalism, he hopes to inspire, promote freedom, political equality, limited government, the free market, and a faith in reason and progress. He currently holds a degree from Marion Military Institution and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.


  • Hey Guys, this is a thread for everyone to introduce themsevles. Just do what I do.   Name: Alex Merced Website:,, Facebook: How you found liberty: As a kid I did enjoy Stossels pieces on 20/20 and read Anthem in high school but as many of us it wasn’t till the 2008 elections when I watched Ron Paul confront Giuliani (which I watched while I was in the phillipines) that really got me on the road to being “libertarian”.   Hobbies: Liberty and Economics of course, Music Producing and Song Writing and Social Media Marketing

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  • Anybody reading any new comic books? Every Wednesday new comic books get released. I’m curious if any of you are picking some up. Right now I’m reading Sheriff of Babylon, Southern Bastards, Kaijumax, I Hate Fairyland, Black Road, Dept. H, Mirror, and Star Trek.

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  • How important is Discussion Netiquette in communicating with other liberty minded individuals who have different opinions on how liberty should be obtained? Is historical accuracy important? Is it acceptable to twist another person’s words to mean something entirely different from what they intended to say?  Are subtle forms of psychological manipulation disrespectful?

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  • Mr Rule,   I’ve wanted for so long now wanted to see a lot of liberty-minded and Austrian-Econ-minded people just having an off the cuff “fireside” chat. A bunch of mates, even if you don’t know everyone, talking about things that you all like talking about and that we might just find to be gems of understanding. Even if you don’t know everybody, people like Peter Schiff, Jeff berwick, James Rickard, Simon Black, or anyone you like. Jffrey Tucker and I’d really like to see Martin Armstrong as well. That would make for a very lively discussion. Would you agree? A google hangout perhaps. I’d like to see you all just having a fun and informative free-for-all. Queensbury Rules. Also, are you familiar with ANOTHER, FOA & FOFOA, and the Gold Trail. Have you been following their writings? If you are familiar, what can you tell us about your observations from reading their writings?   Thank you in advance.

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  • I dutifully watched Atlas Shrugged Part III, which was released on September 12 to local movie theaters. As expected, there were not many people in my theater. I must admit that I have a hard time arguing with the one (somewhat negative) review I have seen: The film was obviously fairly low budget, and I did not find the philosophical content much higher or very persuasive. Even if this film was seen by large numbers of people, I doubt they would be very inspired or educated. From that point of view, the high point of the film was where John Galt was being offered great economic power by the US President, when Galt said “that kind of power should not exist”.  But I think that there should have been stronger emphasis on the fact that Galt was being tortured in order to force him to become an economic dictator (under the President).  As portrayed, it simply looked like they were trying to hurt him because they didn’t like what he did or said. I was somewhat turned-off by the masses chanting “We want John Galt” — as if they were looking for a new dictator to replace the President. The movie portrayed a decaying society, but could have better emphasized how modern fascism of regulation is at least as economically destructive as socialism. On a less cerebral level, I was turned-off by the chocolate cake that Dagney and John were eating. Also, John’s partly unshaven face reinforced my impression that for many women being partly unshaven is very sexy.

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