In this episode of Speaking Freely, we discuss some local news, the recent Nuclear incident in North Korea, political correctness at college campuses, and Sen Corker’s comments on war authorization. Justin Cornett, Knoxville Region Coordinator for the TN Libertarian Party, joins us to discuss the headlines.

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Alex Shaw is the libertarian host of The Classical Liberal podcast. Always surrounded with politics, Alex has always been searching for a way to help his fellow Americans. From the political philosophy of Classical Liberalism, he hopes to inspire, promote freedom, political equality, limited government, the free market, and a faith in reason and progress. He currently holds a degree from Marion Military Institution and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.


  • I’m a computer science major (payed for by the GI bill, the only thing I got out of the military) and in my second year. In two years I have only taken a grand total of 3 CS (Computer Science) classes. What I have taken is a lot of Gen. Ed., learn to love the country classes like American Government, American Literature, American History, etc.. I see a lot of computer companies (both development and design) that pay no mind to degrees. They want to see portfolios, freelance work, internships, GitHub profiles, things of that sort. But I’m not getting that out of college. What I have got is a partial structure, an understanding of what I need to learn that you won’t find on the hundreds of websites out there that purport to “teach programming”. (They don’t.)  However, it’s very slow going and doing small programs to prove concepts isn’t impressive to employers. I have plans for a site that takes teaching programming seriously and goes far beyond the throwaways like Codecademy and (ick) “The New Boston”.  The problem is the cost and time. (Most of my time is currently dedicated to keeping up with calculus.) I was actually in talks with a design company for stage one development that might give me a jumping point so that I could start posting what curriculum I’ve written. No luck, in the end, they decided my budget was not good enough. =/ But I digress. Here’s what I’m getting at. Many people within the liberty movement have an interest in computers or have jobs related to them. (I’ve met many programmers and developers who subscribe to liberty.) Here’s the questions for your consideration: Did you attend a college or university? Did you get a degree or drop out? If not, do you feel like you could do better with a degree? If so, do you feel like it was a valuable use of your time and money? What would you say to someone who struggles to keep up with keeping their grades up and using what little free time they have to actually learn something? Note: This is my first post to, it’s not meant to be well structured, it’s just something for consideration and discussion. 🙂  

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  • It is amazing to me.  When talking to socialists or fundamentalists, I expect to hear certainty.  I expect such people to affirm that they believe they have absolute omniscient knowledge of the truth.  On a discussion site for anarchists, I am surprised to hear that same kind of certainty.  How many are there here that look for exact formulations, orthodox anarchism (how is that possible), or PC anarchism?  How many are there who survey this web site looking for “errors”, who know everything there is to know and who want to make sure everyone else knows it?

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  • Dear tech-savvy friends, It is time for me to get a new laptop for my work life. I would love your input. I have had a Macbook and a Macbook Pro. They were both great. Should I just get yet another Apple product? The programs I use for my publishing work are not very demanding (nothing tougher than MS Word). I do need to be able to do solid videoconferencing. I do not need video games. I like long battery life so that I can work from wherever I like. I like reliability, but now that I can easily back things up in the cloud, I am less obsessed with avoiding crashes. I like relatively large screen size. I can shell out for another Apple product, but I wonder if I can get what I need from something more modest, like a Chromebook. Your expert advice would be much appreciated.

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  • There has been much media buzz surrounding this Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Florida. He was on the Radical Agenda today to get out his message and dispel some rumors and lies: Thoughts on this?

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  • Here is illustrated first the false and then true face of political correctness:

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