Philadelphia’s city council passed a soda tax that went into effect on January 1st. Citizens are noticing that frequently the cost of the tax is more than the cost of the beverage, and many are in an uproar. The tax was sold to the public under the pretence that the money will be used to fund early childhood education programs (see: glorified baby sitter services). The soda tax is everything that’s wrong with the Democratic party and a big part of why people hate Democrats and handed them their rear ends in the November elections.

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  • Our current voting method is to pick the “best” candidate from a slate of candidates.  You only get to pick one, even if several of them are qualified.  Many times people don’t even bother researching or voting for candidates they would consider qualified because they don’t belong to the duopoly of Democrats and Republicans.  They reason that votes cast for candidates bound to lose are “wasted”, so voting for the less corrupt thug might make our future suffering easier to bear.  In my opinion, this mentality is the most responsible culprit for the last 100+ years of executive and legislative folly. This tragic circumstance can be eliminated immediately with the adoption of approval voting.  In this method, instead of choosing a single candidate from the slate, you express your feelings about each candidate, approving only those who you feel qualified with a yes or up vote.  The candidate approved by the highest percentage of voters is declared the most qualified and wins the office. This simple voting method levels the playing field!  Approval voting allows for more competitive elections, and would certainly destroy the two party duopoly of American politics.  Independent and third party candidates would no longer battle the “wasted vote”  stigma and can focus on communicating their values and message to the voters.  And seeing a more fair election process would likely increase voter participation rate. There are many interesting details of approval voting to discuss, and the potential ramifications are very exciting as well.  What do you think?

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  • As  new member, I see the potential of to organize like minded people to drive action. What if we are able to organize to “unionize” the top earners who can afford to take a nice long vacation and live off savings for some set period of time (3 months).  A sort of velvet revolution where we can wield the only thing that will scare the tax farmers (government).   If it is well organized and timed, say summer of 2016.   We could REALLY shake things up since the top 10% (or any liberty minded tax payers) earners foot approximately 70% of the tax burden. If you cannot take three months off to travel and live on your savings for 90 days, then you can still help.  How about maxing out your exemptions  W-4 (tax withholding) for 90 days? If we organize it and advertise it well through social media before we do it….we may get our demands without actually having to do it. Things needed: Goals:.. No point showing this POWER to OPT OUT if we don’t have any specific goals/legislation to achieve what are our victory criteria? – balanced budget amendment? – Flat consumption tax to replace all other taxes? – need ideas -need comittee anyhow what do you think of the concept?    Let’s keep the conversations going…. let’s get to set up a dynamic signup sheet on the homepage and link to dynamic simulation for tax impact.    

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  • Next week in my Ethics class we are debating Health care as a right. I live in Central California and the opposition is stacked against me. I need to go in to class next week armed to the teeth with knowledge on the subject. What a better resource than

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  • I can’t verify this is true; pilots that I have conversed with in the past doing expat work never mentioned complying with these absolutely horrendous rules. What a pain in the-

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