Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute coined a new term to describe the conservative version of political correctness: Patriotically Correct. In this terrific piece, Alex describes the hypocritical double standard employed by conservatives who complain about the left stifling free speech, while engaging in their own narrow version of PC.

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  • It is amazing to me.  When talking to socialists or fundamentalists, I expect to hear certainty.  I expect such people to affirm that they believe they have absolute omniscient knowledge of the truth.  On a discussion site for anarchists, I am surprised to hear that same kind of certainty.  How many are there here that look for exact formulations, orthodox anarchism (how is that possible), or PC anarchism?  How many are there who survey this web site looking for “errors”, who know everything there is to know and who want to make sure everyone else knows it?

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  • Dear tech-savvy friends, It is time for me to get a new laptop for my work life. I would love your input. I have had a Macbook and a Macbook Pro. They were both great. Should I just get yet another Apple product? The programs I use for my publishing work are not very demanding (nothing tougher than MS Word). I do need to be able to do solid videoconferencing. I do not need video games. I like long battery life so that I can work from wherever I like. I like reliability, but now that I can easily back things up in the cloud, I am less obsessed with avoiding crashes. I like relatively large screen size. I can shell out for another Apple product, but I wonder if I can get what I need from something more modest, like a Chromebook. Your expert advice would be much appreciated.

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  • Here is illustrated first the false and then true face of political correctness:

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  • A topic where anything and everything can be discussed about this genre of video games (my personal favourite), and in particular I’m interested in what you all think makes a good RPG, and some of your personal favourites. Personally my favourite RPGs tend to be open world games that have a huge modding community, such as the Elder Scrolls games, and Fallout 3/New Vegas. This is probably due to the huge number of ways to play them, and the unlimited level of customisability/extra content that comes with the modding community which is in direct contrast to most other games, where after one playthrough you’ve seen everything (my love of liberty does indeed stretch into my game preferences). I’m currently playing Fallout New Vegas and I’m enjoying it a lot right now, it’s honestly a breath of fresh air from Skyrim, which despite all the thousands of mods available (30,000 on the main Skyrim modding site) simply can’t be saved from its terrible story and awful characters.

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