Today’s Freedom Report podcast breaks down the responses of the presidential candidates to the recent Supreme Court ruling over gay marriage. We also did an in depth analysis of Senator Rand Paul’s response, which is of course of special interest to libertarians. Was his response adequate? Listen in and weigh in with your comments below.

We also highlighted an interesting story from Reason Magazine in 2013, where a study was done which found that libertarians, unlike liberals or conservatives, aren’t easily disgusted. Does this study explain why libertarians think differently from liberals and conservatives? Are the politics of puritanism in the past? All that and more, on this special episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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Austin Petersen is the chief executive officer of Stonegait LLC, a for-profit consulting firm specializing in photo and video services. Stonegait also provides social media advice, political campaign expertise and grassroots organizing strategies to candidates for office or to brands looking for more exposure. Petersen is the editor in chief of The Libertarian Republic news magazine, one of the most read political news sites in the United States. He also hosts The Freedom Report podcast, which has 30,000 daily listeners. Petersen is the former Director of Production at FreedomWorks and was an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show, “Freedom Watch” on the Fox Business Network. Petersen built Judge Napolitano’s social networks boasting over 600,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. His work has appeared in Getty, Reuters, the LA Times, NBC and Time Magazine. He is also a frequent contributor on television appearing on Russia Today and on dozens of local radio shows. Austin grew up on a farm in the Midwest in a town called Peculiar, Missouri. Graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in the Fine Arts, Petersen moved to New York City after graduation to a pursue a career in media.


  • While most of us probably hold the position that the state has no business in marriage whatsoever, let us entertain a hypothetical situation for the sake of argument. If we had a choice to either legalize Gay-marriage everywhere or Self-marriage (The right to marry one’s self) everywhere which one should take priority within a liberty minded philosophy?

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  • Question: Considering the 1st Amendment (and only the 1st Amendment), can the President issue an executive order forbidding speech aimed at disparagement of his leadership?

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