The matriarchs of investing like to swim against the stream, and they are calling for a “melt-up” in US stocks and bonds.

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, long-running publishers of the Aden Forecast investment newsletter, remain “cautiously bullish” for a scenario similar to the 2000 dot-com frenzy.

They are confident that a dovish Federal Reserve and a global trend of low interest rates will be the reality for years to come.

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Brien Lundin is president and CEO of Jefferson Financial, which publishes Gold Newsletter and hosts the New Orleans Investment Conference. He has four decades of experience in investment markets.
Fergus Hodgson is the chief executive of Antigua International, a consulting firm that connects the Americas, and he is the roving editor of Gold Newsletter. Originally from New Zealand, he has been a nomad for the past eight years, and his personal blog is the Stateless Man.


  • So how many of you on here have invested in the project in Chile? I have had my eye on investing there for a while. It looks so impressive!

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  • I sold all of my EE bonds in 2014 and bought Bitcoins with the proceeds. I did this because I considered holding them to be willfully receiving stolen money. As everyone knows, Treasuries are backed by the full faith and credit of a state, along with its taxing power. My conclusion is that no consistent libertarian should be using T-bonds or T-bills. Thoughts?

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  • Hey Everyone, I am relatively new to investing in the market and am looking for any solid stock recommendations you could give me to look into. I’m not necessarily looking to buy now, but I would like a few stocks to keep an eye on that might be good performers. I am also looking for good reference material that I can use to self-educate myself in trading and the stock market. Thank you.

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  • With most uranium stocks down ~90% and Japan restarting reactors, is it time?

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  • Hi Rick, I was watching your 2012 speech at the capitalism and morality conference where you talked about companies reporting bad numbers. Have you ever encountered this when you have been doing analysis, and where/what are the common numbers that will be fudged, are there any signs to look for? Also, on a similar topic. You mentioned Argentina nationalizing the producing mine for cashflow as opposed to a development project that would cost them money. Are there any regions in the world that spring to mind where this has happened recently and subsequently, securities are now trading at a discount because of this political risk? Cheers, Tom

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