What do investors look for in a company founder?  Do they have the easy job, just sitting back with a monocle and making or breaking dreams?


Michael Gibson has been involved with Peter Thiel’s programs and investments and is now Co-Founder and General Partner at the 1517 Fund.

We cover the types of investors that can be found out there, what to look for and how to approach an investor, what a startup accelerator can help you with and what to consider when applying for one. We also hit on what investors think about when they consider which startup to support and what they fear the most.

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I'm an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. I'm the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive ten-month program combining real world business experience with the best of online education for those who want more than college.


  • So how many of you on here have invested in the project in Chile? I have had my eye on investing there for a while. It looks so impressive!

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  • I sold all of my EE bonds in 2014 and bought Bitcoins with the proceeds. I did this because I considered holding them to be willfully receiving stolen money. As everyone knows, Treasuries are backed by the full faith and credit of a state, along with its taxing power. My conclusion is that no consistent libertarian should be using T-bonds or T-bills. Thoughts?

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