An exciting new book is coming out called, “Why Haven’t You Read This Book?”

It’s about flipping the burden of proof to open up a world of possibilities. It’s about asking ‘Why not?’, instead of, ‘Why?’

This episode includes a bit about the book and teasers from 5 of the 10 authors about the content of their chapter.

Check out to get a copy.

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  • I’ve had a hard time finding books/articles/blogs/etc that talk about free market environmentalism or similar.  I just purchased a copy of Free Market Environmentalism by Terry L. Anderson. Got any suggestions?

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  • I’m looking for book suggestions. Books that you think may one day be considered classics in libertarian literature. No Mises, Rothbard, etc. Preferably published in the last 5-10 years. More recent is better.

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  • I currently have a 3 and 1 year old. I have been at ends searching for liberty minded books to read to them. Does anyone have any suggestions. I also teach school ages so please feel free to throw in books for older children.

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  • My new book and riddle to all. Happy to discuss after the release on Sept. 6th 2016. Visit: Apologies if I’m violating rules, etiquette or some other social media bugaboo. Thought I’d try here first.

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  • A lot of my favorite libertarian literature is on the shorter side; more like long essays or pamphlets rather than book-length treatises (I love those for my own enjoyment, of course, but it’s nigh impossible to recommend an hour-length lecture to a friend, let alone an actual book). A couple of my favorite examples are Against Intellectual Property (Kinsella), Chaos Theory (Murphy), The Production of Security (Molinari), and The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude (Boetie). I would like to find more works of similar length, especially for the purpose of recommending short yet mind-blowing reads to friends/family. What are your favorites?

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