Relationships (or the lack of) cause a lot of stress for a lot of people. Young people especially tend to think that finding the right partner will solve their problems, so they dedicate a massive amount of time, energy, and attention in the attempt to attract members of the opposite sex.

And it doesn’t work.

The desperate approach leaves them with the same problems or worse, spending all their time with people they don’t like.

What if the solution is to focus on something else entirely?

This is the idea we explore today on the podcast.

Topics Covered:

Christmas music
How young people respond to relationship problems, the victim vs. the aspirational player.
The antagonistic view of relationships with employers and romantic partners
Why being unimportant is liberating
The paradox of trying to be attractive
Never be desperate
Learning from heartbreak
Promises make relationship fragile
How to stay in your Zone of Power

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  • I know that for me, polyamory and libertarianism go hand-in-hand. I wouldn’t say I’m poly because I’m a libertarian, but the two both come from the same place, at least for me. It’s all about respecting people’s choices and trying not to restrict their freedoms.   If you’re polyamorous, how do you feel it fits in with your other principles / philosophy?

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  • The purpose of this study is to valuate Fission Uranium Corp (FCU). As Matt Anderson pointed out in the UEC discussion, it would be highly useful to have multiple company studies going on in multiple threads. Participation from all members is strongly encouraged. Before we begin, FULL DISCLOSURE: This is my very FIRST attempt at valuating an uranium company. In fact, this is my first attempt at valuating any resource company. Since this is my first attempt, feedback from more advanced investors/speculators would be greatly appreciated. I will try to make this thread easy to follow by breaking up this study into categories. Some of the categories may include: Management Team Share Structure Properties and Ownership Location Cost structure/Financing Projected Growth Valuation at various Uranium Prices If you have a category you would like to add, simply begin your post with it’s name so other members can quickly navigate. I’m going to start with Management Team and Share Structure.

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  • Back over on the Beginners Guide to Fundmental Analysis, Maurice proposed some valuations on a couple of UEC’s properties. I figured it would be much easier to start a group and have multiple company studies going on with multiple threads rather than trying to cram them all onto one thread. Maurice, if you want to propose your starting valuations here, I’ll be happy to participate and maybe we could get others to join in as well. Thanks

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  • Although women obviously have an advantage when it comes to dating in libertarian circles, it doesn’t really matter when there aren’t many libertarians in your area. I feel lucky saying that I have at least one libertarian (an-cap) friend when most people say that they don’t know a single other libertarian in real life. Obviously I have not dated all the libertarian men but I think there are some aspects of their personalities that I find difficult to accept. The first is their unyielding individualism. I don’t think they put a lot of effort into nurturing the relationship. I think any woman who dates a libertarian man will always come second to work, travel, hobbies, etc. Most libertarians are dedicated and hard working people but they do not necessarily think that being in a relationship is beneficial. The second problem is that they often espouse misogynistic beliefs and fear commitment. I think those two things are related. I dated a very anarcho-capitalist man who refused to ever get married because “marriage only benefits women and children.” He wanted children but didn’t want a woman taking all his money. He was unwilling to go through with traditional courtship and I felt like I was always trying to prove that I was worthy of his affection. Needless to say it was a pretty toxic relationship and I’m glad that it is over. Based on what I read on various online forums it seems like this attitude toward women is normal. Maybe I just haven’t had a good experience with the very few libertarian men I have known in real life. I’ve dated a lot of guys in my life and did not run into these problems when dating non-libertarians.

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  • Thoughts?

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