He worked as a teacher in a public school, a tutor, and eventually as a college consultant. He joins Isaac today to talk about why he walked away from those jobs and founded a project called “School Sucks.”

Brett Veinotte and Isaac discuss how he tried to add more value to test preparation in the form of argumentation and writing skills, where he found that students were mostly interested in just getting a high test score.

B&I also talk about disproving something as a great way to learn, especially when it comes to conspiracy theories. He gives his view on the history of schooling in just a couple of minutes and provides his take on what schools will look like a decade from now.

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I'm an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. I'm the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive ten-month program combining real world business experience with the best of online education for those who want more than college.


  • I’m curious if your libertarian views influence how you manage a classroom. Personally I can’t stand disciplining kids – not even telling a kid to be quiet or splitting up two kids that are talking. All my students are really well behaved anyway so thankfully no issues have ever arisen. The problem is that I can’t even imagine what I would do if there was really a situation where a kid was acting out and deserved punishment.  Personally I think it should be up to the parents but I don’t think anyone agrees with me since I’ve been asked that at many job interviews and received no offers. Part of me just wants to say “I think corporal punishment should be allowed in schools” just to see what response I get.

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  • Its completely ok to have an opinion. It actually is pretty important. But teachers shouldn’t teach their opinion as the truth. I have to face this behavior everyday at my school in switzerland. As a proud libertarian, i was very shocked as my teacher showed the anticapitalist, enviromentalist movie called “tomorrow”. There were no discussions about the problematic points the movie made. It was taught as the truth. The only truth. The tides turned, as i got to speak to a journalist, who was interviewing me about a political event, i went to. I described my problem and the whole thing got published. Of course it was shortened and the most important points were cut out, because they were probably to “aggressive” . But then (after the article appeared in the newspaper) the leftist/socialist behavior of my teacher disappeared, meaning we stopped watching “tomorrow” and about all the future controversial subject, we held debates with the whole class.   The main point of my little essay is, that we don’t have to make non-neutral-teaching illegal, but expose them with newspapers and television. In switzerland, this works perfectly.

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  • Hi there members, this is my first discussion topic I started and a quite impotant one for me. The problem is that my little brother is heavily struggling in school and because we life in Germany it is a Public School and you have to go there until you are 18 years old. He is getting terrible grates and he is getting into truble with the teachers. He has to go to a regular Public School for at least 6 more years and with his current grades he will be forced to double a year if he doesn’t start improving. Me, thinking that the schools here in Germany are bullshit and even worse, you can’t really opt out, doesn’t help him. The problem is that he is lazy and has no motivation (no wonder since Public Schools just make you learn boring facts) to learn for the exams or even participate in the classes, so pretty much the same as me when I was in school, with the diffrence that I had at least ok grades most of the time and I actually liked to participate in the classes since just sitting there was so fu**ing boring. So nobody realy cared. So I am searching for advices and hints onto how I (or my Parents) can help my brother to at least get threw the minimum years of Public School.

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  • I believe that many libertarians or liberty-loving individuals are in favor of school choice. But let us think differently here: what do you think some of the cons of school choice would be?   I got into a little discussion with someone on my Facebook page about school choice. He lives with two teachers in FL who hate it because it “just wouldn’t work,” and that’s their entire argument.   So first, how would you go about discussing school choice with teachers like that? Second, can you think of anything ‘bad’ in regards to school choice? Open discussion here. 🙂

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  • I’ve been looking for a new job for awhile. I’ve interviewed at all sorts of places, from in-home day cares to high schools, public and private schools, high income to low income schools. I was talking to an online libertarian friend and for some reason he was extremely opposed to me getting into teaching….. just because he didn’t like public school does not mean that it is hopeless. Anyway, I digress. Where do you work? How did you get into it? Does your workplace align with your personal/political philosophy? Does it align with your educational philosophy? How much freedom do you have in the classroom?

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