On Episode 42 Chris Nelson comes back to discuss the upcoming Episode 7 of Star Wars, expectations, fears, and the mystery that surrounds it. Chris explains the nature and origins of the Expanded Universe (comics, books, games), what is and is not “canon”, and whether Mickey Mouse is a Sith Lord.

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  • As of last night, I have now finally seen all the Star Wars movies. And I still don’t quite grasp the politics of this saga. Between the two trilogies, when I watched an episode of Clone Wars with my 7yo son, I was confused that the apparent good guys were fighting evil separatists when our heroes were clearly the breakaway rebels in the first trilogy (episodes 4–6). I asked @bobmurphy for help on Facebook, but he said I needed to see all the movies first. Now I have. Would anyone like to explain? Or maybe just point me to some good libertarian writing on the political background/message/assumptions of this story? I appreciate your help. BK

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  • As a Star Wars fan, I’ve long been fascinated with the subtle messages it transmits about the tyranny, war and liberty. Say what you think about it.

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