It’s another dark day. Frontman for the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty has died at age 66. 66!! That’s crazy! I have no idea if it was genetic or if he just burned the candle at both ends but he was an incredible talent, and it seems like he left this earth too early.

We’ve got some additional information on the Vegas shooter. The motive is still elusive, but it appears he used a “Bump-Stock” to convert his semi-auto rifles into full-auto rifles. I’ll explain what a Bump-Stock is on the show today.

We’re also going to look at tax reform. There are a lot of questions surrounding the Republican plan, and I want to try and explain what I think they’re doing and the likelihood it gets done.

Finally, if we have time, we’ll discuss the current attempt by a Chinese investment group to purchase the Chicago Stock Exchange. It brings up questions about the free market and a lot of emotions as well.



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