I watched a movie over the weekend called American Animals. It was a decent movie about a bunch of college kids who decide to become art thieves. As you can imagine it didn’t go well.

In the film, one of the characters reflects on the many chances he had to back out or make a different choice, but he never did.

Many of us act the same way in our lives. We know we’re on the wrong path, but instead of making the hard choice, we resign to continue on a path that will never take us where we want to go.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll explain.


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  • Please join us in discussing the day’s presentations, and L.I.F.E. in general!

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  • Hi there members, this is my first discussion topic I started and a quite impotant one for me. The problem is that my little brother is heavily struggling in school and because we life in Germany it is a Public School and you have to go there until you are 18 years old. He is getting terrible grates and he is getting into truble with the teachers. He has to go to a regular Public School for at least 6 more years and with his current grades he will be forced to double a year if he doesn’t start improving. Me, thinking that the schools here in Germany are bullshit and even worse, you can’t really opt out, doesn’t help him. The problem is that he is lazy and has no motivation (no wonder since Public Schools just make you learn boring facts) to learn for the exams or even participate in the classes, so pretty much the same as me when I was in school, with the diffrence that I had at least ok grades most of the time and I actually liked to participate in the classes since just sitting there was so fu**ing boring. So nobody realy cared. So I am searching for advices and hints onto how I (or my Parents) can help my brother to at least get threw the minimum years of Public School.

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  • I am entirely new to the actual practice of homeschooling, though I have been aware of it for many years. I recently got engaged to an incredible woman who has two daughters (10, 11)  who are not exactly keen on learning basic mathematics. One actively avoids it, even telling me that when she asks a question she immediately lets her mind wander so she does not have to hear the answer. So…. suggestions for getting them self motivated to learn at least the basics of mathematics?

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