You know, I’ve spoken a lot about North Korea and my belief that they are “rational actors” and not a crazy rouge nation. But for a moment today, I called that belief into question.

Lucky for me I quickly realized I am (of course) right. (was there ever any doubt)

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I haven’t figured out the WHY yet, but I know North Korea will not be giving up its nuclear program. To do so now ould mean repeating the mistakes of other countries who capitulated to US pressure and ended up devastated.

North Korea MUST continue down its current path if it has any hope of long-term survival.

Early voting for Texas is in, and it’s not looking good for Republicans. It turns out my suspicions about Trump and Republican prospects this year were correct yet again! (don’t doubt me)

Finally, Twitter has apparently been censoring Pro-Life Tweets. This is something they can do. It’s their platform. But they should be mindful of the fact that they have created a platform for people to exercise a 1st amendment right. If they choose to down this path they may find people lose faith in their service especially considering how fickled the American consumer can be.



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  • I’ve only been a member of this site a few hours but it seems a lot of you, like me, are fans of Rick Rule and investors that share similar contrarian investment philosophies, well what’s more hated in the market than North Korea? This is a video with great insights from contrarian investor Jim Rogers on the increasing liberalisation of markets in North Korea and the potential opportunities for ballsy contrarians especially considering there is no stock market so you will have to go there directly to do business.

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