Dr John RIP, Fast Walkers Live Longer, And A Call From Canada

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  • For anyone considering Canada as a safe-haven please see this video which discusses recent comparisons in regards to energy policies, savings, and corporate taxation in both countries. Commentary from both Toronto and New York pundits.

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  • I only just joined and in order to populate my friends list, I have sent friend requests to all my fellow Canadians in the group, The Canadians. I live in Abbotsford, BC and am particularly interested in contacting fellow British Columbians, maybe to get a discussion group started or organize social get togethers in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

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  • And in other news, Canada claims the entire night sky because it is visible from Canada.. Courts run amok..

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  • It’s the federal election year in Canada. What are your thoughts on the Libertarian Party of Canada’s platform? Too radical, just right, or not radical enough?

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