Seasteading has made some bold moves by signing an agreement with French Polynesia, and they have a pretty aggressive timeline. You don’t want to miss hearing about this. What’s in the News with stories on everyone gets a trophy, forced solar panels, cop sex illegal, sports gambling, and Google employees protesting. Finally, and Ask Me Anything segment with questions on breaking laws to defend yourself, pollution in a voluntaryist society, and drug war intellectual honesty. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also brought to you by NordVPN, the fastest, easiest to use service to protect your online presence that I’ve ever seen.

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Rodger is a long-time libertarian activist, the founder of PaxLibertas Productions, host of The LAVA Flow podcast, Vice Chairman of the NHLP, Regional Captain for the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence and former Chairman and Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. Rodger has also served on the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee.