Marc Clair from Lions of Liberty, Chris Spangle from We are Libertarians, and Johnny Adams from Johnny Rocket Launch Padjoined me to form the League of Liberty, a new monthly podcast exclusively for our supporters. Here is a little taste of that awesomeness! Thank you for joining me on the fifty-first episode of The LAVA Spurt. This episode is brought to you by Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom, helping you to become a smarter and more informed libertarian than ever before, for just 24 cents a day.

I have some new bonus content for the supporters of The LAVA Flow. I am a part of the League of Liberty, which also includes Marc Clair from Lions of Liberty, Chris Spangle from We are Libertarians, and Johnny Adams from Johnny Rocket Launch Pad. The episode is now up on my Patreon feed. You can get this content by supporting any of our shows, but, of course, I would prefer if you support my show because, frankly, it is infinitely better than those other guys. You can support The LAVA Flow at If you’re a supporter of my show and don’t have access to this feed, let me know and I’ll get it to you. And, don’t forget that I’m only $20 away from hitting my next level of support and bringing you twice The LAVA Flow that you’re getting today. I’ll start bringing you a full 30-minute episode every week instead of the current bi-weekly schedule. Go to today to help me hit this very important goal!

We talked about a lot of stuff in this hour and a half. Find out why We are Libertarians was the genesis of The LAVA Flow Podcast! What are the superpowers of each of the members of the League of Liberty? We talked about our thoughts on the Libertarian Party and Nicholas Sarwark and his shenanigans lately. Is political action effective for the Libertarian Party? Is the political process a waste of time for libertarians? Is the Libertarian Socialist Caucus a real thing and what are our thoughts on it? Are any of the hosts members of their state and/or the national Libertarian Parties? Find out about all of the new projects the members of the League have coming out and find out if there are segments of each show that have never been released. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Don’t forget that I am running a new contest through the month of October. I have a new email list set up where I can communicate with you guys about new episodes, new bonus content, share things with you guys, or anything else I could think of. I don’t plan on sending a bunch of emails, just a handful each month, but it is a great way to stay in contact.

To sign up for the contest, all you have to do is go to and sign up. It really is that simple. Anyone signed up for this by the end of October will be entered to win the prize. The grand prize pack will include an exclusive The LAVA Flow Contest Winner t-shirt, a The LAVA Flow tote bag, one of my favorite libertarian books signed by the author, and a signed copy of the Liberty Force Comic #1 produced by Johnny Adams of the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad. There will only be one grand prize issued, but there will be 4 other prizes for randomly drawn contestants that will include a signed copy of the Liberty Force Comic #1. So, you have five chances to win this time!

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Meet the hosts

Rodger is a long-time libertarian activist, the founder of PaxLibertas Productions, host of The LAVA Flow podcast, Vice Chairman of the NHLP, Regional Captain for the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence and former Chairman and Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. Rodger has also served on the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee.