Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Did all of you answer all the questions? How many of you got all of them correct, a show of hands? Very good. I am really impressed. If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Jay Snelson and I am truly delighted that you have joined us. Before this particular session this morning is completed, I hope you will be delighted that you have joined us at this presentation. One of my main goals today will be to entertain you.

Now of course almost everyone, everyone you know, enjoys entertainment. More than twenty years ago, MGM produced a motion picture with the title, That’s Entertainment. All of the great MGM musical stars were featured in the film – Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Gene Kelley, and Liza Minelli. Here is, for example, the fabulous Ginger Rogers dancing with the master of dance, Fred Astaire.

But entertainment involves much more than dancing, singing, and acting. To entertain means to hold the attention of someone’s mind in an agreeable way. In this seminar my aim is to hold the attention of your mind in an agreeable way. However, I want to warn you from the very beginning, this seminar is not designed to entertain everyone. So we’ll determine whether the seminar is designed to entertain you or somebody else.

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Meet the hosts

For more than half a century Jay Stuart Snelson studied, thought, lectured, and wrote about freedom; personal, individual freedom. Snelson envisioned a viable solution to build a sustainable society based on win-win interaction: In order for one party to win, the other must win. This is diametrically opposed to the way it has always been done.