Good morning again, ladies and gentlemen. We’re going to once again journey in our time machine to the ancient people who live in Gaul, our friends who live in the great forest. You had such a memorable experience, I thought we’d take another trip back there to illustrate a point.

You are now a member of the tribe, and, more than that, you possess all of your present knowledge concerning causality. You are seated with your fellow tribesmen in a great circle that surrounds a giant tree. You can see the nine tribal elders dancing in a circle swinging their axes against the base of the tree.

There beneath the tree are 12 maidens. Their hands and feet are bound, and they are about to be sacrificed. You are a part of the tribal ceremony. You are wearing the traditional ceremonial vestments. You can see that the blows of the elders’ axes will soon topple the giant tree upon the helpless 12. What will you do?

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For more than half a century Jay Stuart Snelson studied, thought, lectured, and wrote about freedom; personal, individual freedom. Snelson envisioned a viable solution to build a sustainable society based on win-win interaction: In order for one party to win, the other must win. This is diametrically opposed to the way it has always been done.


  • hey, new to this site and this group. I’m a voluntaryist/abolitionist. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Bad quaker, either his podcasts or his new book.

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