Ladies and gentlemen, the question I have for you is this; which is the true means to the greatest good for the greatest number? One, entrepreneurial management of the profit system, or bureaucratic management of the anti-profit system? As always, I will show you how to take a scientific approach to answering this important question.

I’ve already demonstrated, where you have entrepreneurial management within a profit system, you have a social system that optimizes freedom of choice. In sharp contrast, where you have bureaucratic management within an anti-profit system, you have a social system that minimizes freedom of choice through the violent confiscation of that choice.

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For more than half a century Jay Stuart Snelson studied, thought, lectured, and wrote about freedom; personal, individual freedom. Snelson envisioned a viable solution to build a sustainable society based on win-win interaction: In order for one party to win, the other must win. This is diametrically opposed to the way it has always been done.


  • Ideal goods and services such as courtesy and trustworthiness and friendliness, to name a few, are not bound by physical scarcity and at the same time these ideal goods and services are the most desired by humans because they are uniquely human according to natural law. It is safe to assume that movement towards these goods and services will be a characteristic of the economy of an ever-advancing civilization.

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  • Perhaps you will find this magnificent BBC documentary interesting. It tells the story of the ancient city of Caral, a little north of Lima on the coast of Peru, which is arguably the oldest city in and the beginning of civilization in the Americas. The Lost Pyramids Of Caral There are two points I would like to make about the story told therein of Caral which I think are relevant to libertarians. 1) The early civilization of Caral apparently arose purely out of commerce. This confirms the insights of the Austrian school of economics. And it may be an example of a commercially organized cooperative human society that antedates the rise of any state. 2) This contradicts the presumptions brought to the study by the archaeologists. For one example, at 7:20 one states the following. You can’t build … on the basis of consensus. You have to have leaders and followers. You have to have specialists. You have to have people who are in charge. People who can tell individual groups, alright, today you will be doing this. This group you are going to be doing something different. In other words, in his academic world, the possibility is inconceivable of that human cooperation could be organized by trade — the marketplace — rather than authority.

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  • It is a strange reflection of reality – world government. Those who have the narrow definition of government that has been dumped on them through indoctrination cannot envision government simply as a cooperative and voluntary expression that reflects the will of the people. This natural process of mutual human endeavor simply serves as the best means of attaining the ends (an ever-advancing civilization) and this ‘government’ is maximized in an intellectual and moral environment of classical liberalism. Imagine ‘government’ with no such thing as a State, a different order of things that does not resemble the perverted expectation associated with the State. Since humans encompass the Earth the potential and the social reality is this pure and true world government that is free from the ego-driven interventionists. With an incorrect definition of government as the starting point (as is the case in this Dark Age of economics) then, of course, world government is vile, oppressive, and destructive of the human spirit.

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  • What have been and are the two most destructive factors in human civilization? Ego-driven interpretation and ego-driven intervention as witnessed in the realms of both science and religion.

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  • In a classical liberalism society there will be no behemoth government with control of vast resources to enable it to conduct stellar boondoggles! In a classical liberalism society individuals will have various degrees of wealth and may be able to form some kind of contractual agreement with others to use their wealth to mobilize resources for experimental enterprises in space, not for pomp and ceremony but because it serves the consumers on our planet. In a enlightened classical liberalism society the greatest arena of endeavor will be for the advancement of civilization on this wonderful planet. Are there ‘scientists’ who object to this? Your pet projects are no more valid than any of the other special interests that need coercion to fund it. Peace and prosperity cannot ever be achieved from coercion. If your scientific mind cannot understand this than it is very obvious that funding any of your self-serving ideas would be harmful.

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