As we begin lecture two you should keep this in mind about the ideological immune system. Again, and I can’t overstress this, everyone has one. Let’s look again at how it operates. Your ideological immune system rejects your acceptance of any new basic ideas that would overturn any of your old basic ideas.

You will find that most adults never suppress or hold back their ideological immune system. The result is they are fully protected 24 hours a day from new ideas, and especially they are protected from new major ideas and revolutionary ideas.

Here is one result of their protection: the Locke, Planck, Mises Problem. Educated, intelligent, successful adults rarely change their most fundamental premises. Now, if you happen to live in a static society where little or nothing changes from one decade to the next, or from one century to the next, then it doesn’t matter because there are no new ideas being generated to be rejected in the first place. The medieval or feudal society was such a static society. But the more advanced the society, the more rapid the social changes and those who do not embrace new ideas will get left behind.

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