Donald Luskin, Chief Investment Officer of Trend Macrolytics LLC, emphasizes the importance of equilibrium and reciprocity in global trade. Luskin offers his perspective on the Chinese economy and points out the risks to the nation’s outlook.

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  • Balance and harmony and reciprocity are all part of the natural order. Subsidiarity is the reciprocal of federation and both are necessary. The rising cry for secession is really just the equilibrium forces at work as things are being moved towards balance and harmony.

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  • Perhaps you will find this magnificent BBC documentary interesting. It tells the story of the ancient city of Caral, a little north of Lima on the coast of Peru, which is arguably the oldest city in and the beginning of civilization in the Americas. The Lost Pyramids Of Caral There are two points I would like to make about the story told therein of Caral which I think are relevant to libertarians. 1) The early civilization of Caral apparently arose purely out of commerce. This confirms the insights of the Austrian school of economics. And it may be an example of a commercially organized cooperative human society that antedates the rise of any state. 2) This contradicts the presumptions brought to the study by the archaeologists. For one example, at 7:20 one states the following. You can’t build … on the basis of consensus. You have to have leaders and followers. You have to have specialists. You have to have people who are in charge. People who can tell individual groups, alright, today you will be doing this. This group you are going to be doing something different. In other words, in his academic world, the possibility is inconceivable of that human cooperation could be organized by trade — the marketplace — rather than authority.

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  • I’m interested in working for Bitcoin but atm it’s hard to find these kind of sites. At the moment it seems quite hard to benefit from Bitcoin unless you have purchased Bitcoins through your current accounts as investments. However, as someone noted somewhere else, buying and selling goods for Bitcoin online seems to be hard. How can Bitcoin make a real difference while it’s still not a feasible currency for most of us?

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  • The economy is undestructable but it can be hampered. It is actually impossible to destroy the economy since it is a divine institution. That said, it is possible to hamper the economy in such a way that it can no longer generate prosperity, which for all intents and purposes may make it seem like the economy is destroyed. Hampering the economy is what is the inevitable outcome of all ego-driven intervention. The U.S. economy (and its world-felt repercussions because the dollar had a stint as the reserve currency) is being massively hampered by the economic terrorism orchestrated by the agents of the State. So, yes, I agree that the ‘stimulus’ was, and any other one will be, destructive and motivated by a corrupt mindset. But ultimately the ego-driven interventionists will be cast ashore like dead bodies by the surging of equilibrium forces.

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