Catherine Lutz, from the Cost of War Project at Brown University, talks to Scott about all of the balance of account information from the wars. The jaw dropping total figure of the war is revealed, as well as the human costs of the war, the unquantifiable costs on the home front, and the ongoing and unacknowledged health costs to the troops is all discussed. All of this and more on another great episode of the Scott Horton Show.

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  • This thread is started: On the suggestion of Rick Rule and several other members. A member said: “… I like the way you contrast the precision of numbers with the precision of words, which I used to believe matters… well I still do, but realized after a long struggle, that it is a hopeless one.” SO Let us look at one of the problems with the precision of Language: . When you ”speak” the symbols 2+2 the listener doesn’t know which one of the words that ”sound” like 2 that you ”mean”. Here is the list: 2, two, to, too, tu, II(Roman). If the speaker is referring to the math problem 2+2=4 there are over 500 ways to write or speak the combinations of the words that sound like the speech of the math problem 2+2=4. You can cut that number in half if you eliminate the duplication based on the position of the words in the string. Such as: to+too or too+to. The goal of this thread is with the tender of the thoughts for the improvement on the accuracy of the construction of the sentence as an element of the Language. The preference is for the positive-suggestions for the improvement in the precision and clarity of the expression of a thought, however there is a lack of a restriction on a writer for the offering of a dis-proof of the goal.

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