Dan Sanchez, director of the Mises Academy, discusses Google’s decision to disable its ads on, supposedly because the infamous Abu Ghraib abuse pictures violated Google’s policy against “violent or disturbing content, including sites with gory text or images.”

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  • Hello, My first post here and my fist hour into the site… I’m a Drupal web dev, and can’t avoid notice this site is build on wordpress…behind cludfare….but still a wordpress!! Also using GA, which is not very consequential with the no-big-brother value proposal… Is there any post, video, etc from devs showing how was done, or why they have choose these techs? if not, perhaps they are reading this and can comment a little?

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  • There are two radio ads that have been catching my attention lately.   One of them seems more libertarian, from JImmy John’s (sandwich delivery). A man’s house is on fire and the man calls JJ (because they are “fast”). At the end of the ad the firemen finally arrive and ask the man, “Why didn’t you call the fire department first?” The man: “I did.”   The other one is straight-out state worshipping from Sports Clip (hair salon). They have this veteran who talks about his “new career” after the military. “I don’t consider myself a hero, but I’m glad you did.” Er, sorry buddy but you are just a puppet doing your masters’ bidding.   Have you noticed other such ads?

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  • And in other news, Canada claims the entire night sky because it is visible from Canada.. Courts run amok..

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  • Who on here has heard of or is already on Ello? Ello’s big selling point is that it has no ads, but it still faces an uphill battle trying to become relevant in a Facebook dominated world. Do you think it has any chance of becoming relevant?

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