Eric Margolis, syndicated columnist and author of American Raj, discusses Europe’s worries that the US’s schemes in Ukraine will start a shooting war with Russia.

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  • I’m seeing a lot of wonderful growth in the libertarian Anarcho-Capitalist movement in North and South America. But I’m not seeing European anarcho-capitalist movements. I would like to know about European AnCap libertarians.  Does anybody know?

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  • How do you think a non-aggressionist should think about what is happening in the Ukraine?

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  • “The Jews of Russia who worked for the destruction of monarchy found themselves finally in the grips of a brutal religious persecution which hit them harder than the Christians.  Their most brilliant exponents among the Communists were exiled, slaughtered, or assassinated in exile.  The fate of Trotzki [sic] is symbolic for Russian Jewry.” – Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, aka Francis Stewart Campbell, Menace of the Herd or Procrustes at Large

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  •   The EU – what do you want? A. I want out! B. I want to renegotiate C. I want a referendum D. I want to stay in E. The EU is corrupt F. I want to stay in but the EU needs to change G. I don’t want anything to do with them H. The EU is great for the country I. I don’t want to be ruled by Brussels J. The EU keeps me in a job K. I’m not really sure

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