Harry Kazianis discusses the negotiations between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States. Kazianis says that although North Korea has some nuclear weapon capability, they’re not a real threat to America, because the moment they launched a missile they would be wiped off the map in minutes. Their economy is also so small that they pose no possible economic threat. He says the very best thing for everyone involved—especially the North Korean people—is to try to reach a peace deal, something that many Democrats seem intent on opposing in order to score political points against President Trump.
Discussed on the show:
“A U.S. Invasion of North Korea Would Be Like Opening the Gates of Hell” (The National Interest)
“How Donald Trump Can Reach a Peace Deal with North Korea” (The National Interest)
Singapore Declaration
Iran–Contra affair
“Amid Signs of a Thaw in North Korea, Tensions Bubble Up” (WSJ)
Harry Kazianis is director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest and executive editor The National Interest. He previously served as editor of The Diplomat, a fellow at CSIS, and on the 2016 Ted Cruz foreign policy team. Follow him on Twitter @GrecianFormula.
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  • I’ve only been a member of this site a few hours but it seems a lot of you, like me, are fans of Rick Rule and investors that share similar contrarian investment philosophies, well what’s more hated in the market than North Korea? This is a video with great insights from contrarian investor Jim Rogers on the increasing liberalisation of markets in North Korea and the potential opportunities for ballsy contrarians especially considering there is no stock market so you will have to go there directly to do business.

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  • Not exactly sure what category to put this in. I’ve been pondering US foreign policy for a while and it seems to me that it has been irrational for quite a long time. In thinking about how foreign policy is “formulated,” I got to thinking that it may be a case of Hayekian knowledge theory. Just as a rational economic policy is impossible for any government because the bureaucrats cannot know enough, fast enough, does this also apply to foreign policy? Does this mean that a rational foreign policy is impossible? I’m not sure where this leads or what the implications are, but the idea sort of scares me. We have these guys in Washington deciding the fate of people all over the globe, but they don’t have the first clue about what they are doing.

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