James Bovard, author of Public Policy Hooligan, discusses the 800 year anniversary of King John’s signing of the Magna Charta, and the practical lessons that historical event teaches us about tyrants and political promises.

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  • Tomorrow, in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, FIJA will be venturing into online broadcasting via an app called Periscope. I’m going to be talking about legal cases and documents in jury history in which the Magna Carta was cited or otherwise involved. I’m thinking we’ll do a Magna Carta on the 8s kind of thing like the Weather Channel, with a short broadcast once an hour at 8 minutes past the hour throughout the day. I am looking for any topic suggestions for things I could cover. So far I plan to discuss the trials of John Lilburne, William Penn and William Mead, and John Peter Zenger, Lysander Spooner’s take on the Magna Carta in his essay on Trial by Jury, and the Magna Carta’s influence on the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Any additional suggestions would be most welcome, especially those that are less centered on England and the United States. The key element that is relevant here is that all examples should have to do with juries and the Magna Carta. Thank you!

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