Scott interviews John Dennis, a Republican congressional candidate from California challenging Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming election. Dennis, a businessman, says he wants to unseat Pelosi mainly because she’s terrible on issues of war and the intelligence state. These areas used to be strengths among Democrats, but since the Obama administration the left has been conspicuously silent. Dennis believes that not only are American Republicans coming around to become the antiwar party, but also that principled leftists might see the appeal of his positions over those of Pelosi, whom many on the left despise.
Discussed on the show:
Defend the Guard Legislation
“The Neocons Strike Back” (The New Republic)
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  • In the wake of Obama’s betrayal of the liberal/progressive movement, Obama is becoming increasingly unpopular with those on the left. As more and more liberals wake up to the fact that the Democratic Party no longer (if they ever did) represents their ideals, it becomes increasingly clear that this is probably the best time to recruit them to the libertarian cause. What are some ways we can reach out to liberals?

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