Kathy Kelly, a coordinator for Voices for Creative Nonviolence, discusses her time in prison for attempting to protest the US drone war at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.

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  • LISTEN!   Why do you still wait for the new music-movement? Why are you still waiting for the next thing, that could touch you? It is allready here. You will not hear it in the radiostations of the world, you will not find it in the recordstores, you won’t even read about it in the music-papers. But it is here allready. There is a new movement of soundexplorers, who try something new. Too new for the masses, who still need convenient songs about love, and the known structures „beat, bass, melodie, harmonics“. The new sounds are like drugs, that lead you to yourself. Lead you into the center of your being. This needs time, will, and openness. The new musicmovement will not catch you in three minutes, and won’t let you get away in three minutes. It needs your true wish, to dive deeper into sound. You have to ask yourself: Do you still want to be entertained (means: use sounds to distract you from your life), or are you interested in exploring new areas inside yourself, that are connected to vibes. Don’t worry if you don’t get it at once. Myself I had to get smashed by a wonder to get rid of my music-imprints. Sound is so much more, then modern society wants to sell you. There are universes waiting for you. By now there are more and more people who travel through sound universes. Like myself, these brave researchers bring incredible experiences with them. Please be a little more brave. The more it gets beyond your imprinted ideas of music, the deeper the experience will be. Once, pop and rock were the revolution, that led away from the formal structures of the established music. Today sounds you hear in radio or mainstream media are established, even if they are masked „freaky“ or „crazy“. There is so much more in the world of sound – but you have to look for it.   Example

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  • Thoughts?

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  • Usually when people talk about free market defense, they talk about how to sell defensive force as a commodity. And while I believe that defensive force is justified, I don’t believe it’s the best way to resolve disputes. Obviously the purpose of DROs would be to resolve disputes without escalating to force. But what about emergent scenarios where violence is already happening? Sure, you can go in with guns blazing, and as long as you only shoot the aggressors, NAP says you’re fine. But I’m interested in talking about ways in which violent situations can be deescalated, and threats neutralized without people getting shot. Does anyone know of any serious theory, or better yet, real-life experimentation with this?

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  • Regarding this video from @akokesh: – The Restraint of Muslims (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) | Adam Kokesh I created a LL account for the first time to get involved in the discussions over there. Pretty interesting responses. Everyone there is assuming Adam is a Muslim or a Jew, or claiming he “forgot” 9/11 (when he referenced it in the video), or calling it “bullshit” without substantiation. I’m interested as to the Lme userbase’s response. Please watch the whole thing before commenting.

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