Kelly Riddell, an investigative reporter for The Washington Times, discusses the secret tapes revealing that top Pentagon officials and a senior Democrat in Congress opened their own diplomatic channels with Moammar Gadhafi to stop Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from lying us into war with Libya in 2011.

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  • Not exactly sure what category to put this in. I’ve been pondering US foreign policy for a while and it seems to me that it has been irrational for quite a long time. In thinking about how foreign policy is “formulated,” I got to thinking that it may be a case of Hayekian knowledge theory. Just as a rational economic policy is impossible for any government because the bureaucrats cannot know enough, fast enough, does this also apply to foreign policy? Does this mean that a rational foreign policy is impossible? I’m not sure where this leads or what the implications are, but the idea sort of scares me. We have these guys in Washington deciding the fate of people all over the globe, but they don’t have the first clue about what they are doing.

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  • Decades from now, when the leading political figures of this era are dead or dying and will thus not be prosecuted for anything, classified information from this era will be released. This will show that Ambassador Chris Stevens either knew something, did something, or was about to do something that the Obama regime hated. Killing one’s own ambassador would be political suicide, but when violence broke out in Benghazi, Obama, Clinton, and the rest chose not to let a crisis go to waste.

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