Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer and Executive Director of The Council for the National Interest, discusses why the US should declare independence from Israel and end the “special relationship” that allows Israel to receive all the benefits and make none of the sacrifices.

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  • With the Scottish Independence Referendum coming up this fall, there are a lot of exciting things going on. What I would like to know: do you think an independent Scotland will be a more liberty-open country, separate from the UK? Or is it better and more opportune for Scotland to stick with the UK? I am actually going in a week to Scotland to study the linguistic, ethnic, and cultural lines that influence the referendum with my college, so some insight here might give me some good questions to ask while I’m over there.

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  • This is the place to discuss ideas for a new name for CYCLE…

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  • So, I am in the process of taking an Arab/Israeli conflict class, and the more I think about it, the more I wish I could solve all of this death and destruction in the middle east. In this discussion post, I would like to stay on the Arab – Israeli conflict; primarily those that arose due to Israel becoming a state. (I.e. – The Palestinian refugee problem). Comment your thoughts, and how you think we may could solve all of this conflict across the world.

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  • I have two large raised beds and have successfully grown a lot of vegies.  I’m wondering how much space would be required to grow enough food to feed two people?  Anyone here grow all their own food?

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  • Anarchism is very thoughtful and observant and demonstrates independence of spirit. Surely there is a problem, however, if rigidity sets in such that something new and never known before is removed as a possibility. This visionlessness is not thoughtful or observant and it demonstrates obsolescence of spirit. We can all agree that government as an institution – as we know it (with emphasis, as we know it) – is coercive and therefore flawed. Why would anyone in their right mind want to live under the aegis of the ego-driven? This is exactly like wanting to live in a system of injustice.

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