Philip Weiss, editor of, returns to the show to discuss Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and his future plans to move the U.S. embassy there in the future. According to Weiss Trump’s decision extinguishes the peace process and is a moment of great despair for those who believed the Oslo Accord would lead to the creation of a Palestinian state. Weiss then details the history of Israeli land annexation from Palestinians in Jerusalem dating back to the the 1940s. Weiss believes that ultimately Palestinian freedom will require American Jews to demand equal political representation for Palestinians. Scott then turns the subject to “Russia-gate” and the grand omission from much of the media: Michael Flynn’s behind-the-scenes work to torpedo the U.N. resolution that condemned Israeli settlements.

Philip Weiss is the long-time editor of Follow him on Twitter @PhilWeiss.

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  • Regarding this video from @akokesh: – The Restraint of Muslims (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) | Adam Kokesh I created a LL account for the first time to get involved in the discussions over there. Pretty interesting responses. Everyone there is assuming Adam is a Muslim or a Jew, or claiming he “forgot” 9/11 (when he referenced it in the video), or calling it “bullshit” without substantiation. I’m interested as to the Lme userbase’s response. Please watch the whole thing before commenting.

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