Journalist Robert Bryan discusses his attendance at AIPAC’s conference at the Washington Convention Center; how AIPAC resembles a cult – demanding unquestioning allegiance from its members to the state of Israel; and why equal protection under the law for minorities is OK for the US, but for some reason represents an “existential threat” to Israel.

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  • Stefan is a misogynist (NSFW). Should I report him to the statists and Feminazis, or just ignore it? I thought it was obvious, but I’ll spell it out why it is misogynistic. Stefan is assigning blame to women for the actions of sociopaths. That is like holding you responsible for the debts of your parents, or forcing you to be your ‘brother’s keeper’. People are responsible for their own actions, not their wives or their mothers. Stefan is saying women are evil because they ‘propogate’ evil. This is most definitely misogynistic. It appears to be a recurrent theme as well:

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  • So, I am in the process of taking an Arab/Israeli conflict class, and the more I think about it, the more I wish I could solve all of this death and destruction in the middle east. In this discussion post, I would like to stay on the Arab – Israeli conflict; primarily those that arose due to Israel becoming a state. (I.e. – The Palestinian refugee problem). Comment your thoughts, and how you think we may could solve all of this conflict across the world.

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  • Regarding this video from @akokesh: – The Restraint of Muslims (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) | Adam Kokesh I created a LL account for the first time to get involved in the discussions over there. Pretty interesting responses. Everyone there is assuming Adam is a Muslim or a Jew, or claiming he “forgot” 9/11 (when he referenced it in the video), or calling it “bullshit” without substantiation. I’m interested as to the Lme userbase’s response. Please watch the whole thing before commenting.

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