Co-founder of cryptocurrency Zen Cash Robert Viglione joins Scott on the show—and as the latest sponsor of the Scott Horton Show—to discuss the future of cryptocurrencies and his project Zen Cash. Viglione believes that Zen Cash is leading the way in privacy and anti-censorship in cryptocurrency in the name of creating a virtual free society. Viglione outlines the mission of Zen Cash and how it is differentiated not only from fiat money but also from other cryptocurrencies. Scott and Viglione then discuss the potential dangers of total reliance on public cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Viglione discusses the future risk to cryptocurrencies from the state and why, in his estimation, the threat to cryptocurrencies generally is small, but that the individual is always at risk from the arbitrary force of the state. Viglione then turns to another leading project he’s working on: The Seasteading Institute, which aims to create voluntaryist communities offshore.

Robert Viglione is the co-founder of Zen Cash, which is a new sponsor of the Scott Horton Show. Follow Viglione on Twitter @robviglione. Visit Zen Cash at zencash.comor

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  • I am working on a business model to get this up off the ground. I need help to find the pit falls that might cause problems. Legal hurtles, practical hurtles, anything. Got an idea, had an idea, it will surely help. Just a few rules. 1. Anybody that would come to the court would have to come to it voluntarily. 2. You must be innocent until proven guilty. 3. Must be a quick and cost effective process. 4. It must be a system without a positive action enforcement process. 5. Must be as accurate as possible.

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  • Hi Justin Please can you share the article “Only the Black Market Matters” I cannot find it and need it for research.

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  • And we thought we were excited when ETH was 2.00 USD per ETH. 10 USD and up! Market cap is larger than all other crypto-currencies combined (minus BTC). Wouldn’t be surprised to see some pullback for a bit while short term traders take profits.      

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  • How will people generate income and/or put food on the table as A.I. and automation continue to become more capable, self-learning, and cheaper? Eventually humans will be “unemployable”, much like horses are “unemployable” today, except for narrow novelty purposes (entertainment, sport, horse drawn carriages, etc.). How do we prep for technological unemployment?

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  • Cryptocurrency Opportunists Investors and early adopters of cryptocurrency recognize the inevitable revolutionary change awaiting society and the huge income opportunity before them as they prepare to capitalize on the mainstream public adoption of this new technology trend in the next 24 to 36 months. The purpose of this whitepaper is to bring clarity to the marketplace to help investors and early adopters recognize where real value and opportunities lie. – Bob Wood , CEO, Nexxus Partners

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