Scott talks to Baltimore lawyer Steven Silverman about a 2009 case involving the alleged illegal cavity search of his client by Baltimore police. Silverman’s client claimed that Officer Shakil Moss stopped him without cause and conducted the cavity search in public in the middle of the day, which was later confirmed through DNA analysis by the department’s internal affairs unit. It was later discovered that a group of officers conducted many such unconstitutional stops, and some of them have faced federal prison for their actions.
Discussed on the show:
“Police State Keynesianism: Stimulating Tyranny” (The Libertarian Institute)
“$210 million suit filed over police team’s strip search” (Baltimore Sun)
“Nurse says traffic stop led to strip search” (Baltimore Sun)
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  • I caught this sketch the other day from an old episode of A Bit of Fry & Laurie about the privatization of the British police. It’s pretty funny as it contains every fear that statists have about privatizing the police, it even manages to fit in something about private roads.  Watch and laugh or cringe. “Peter, everybody had an chance to buy shares at the time of issue. It was all supervised by a reputable merchant bank… well by a merchant bank anyway. ”    

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  • For the past few years, police departments have been on something of a power trip in the United States. Only citing the lesser-known instances that come to my mind, cops have assaulted autistic teenagers and murdered unarmed civilians, and were subsequently cleared of all charges and let back on the force. A zealous, dogmatic conservative “fanbase,” alongside a legal system that actively defends police from facing charges of murder, manslaughter, or assault, assures that these men and women never see justice for their actions. It’s awful what police are doing in society, but it’s even worse that they can get off scot-free for it. Of course, most of you already know this. So here’s my question: has any United States representative or senator proposed a bill designed to fight against unjust acquittals or introduce charges that are harder to to be overturned? As an agorist, I’m partially convinced that this has never happened and that anyone who gets elected for public office in this day and age is a vapid authoritarian, but a sliver of hope remains for me somewhere. Have any of you heard of such legislation on a federal level? If not, then what about on a state level?

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  • An Emergency lawsuit has been filed against Veritaseum (VERI). Yes, you have heard it right the United States Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) has filed an emergency lawsuit in a Brooklyn federal court against Veritaseum (VERI) claiming that the company and its founder and CEO Reggie Middleton have raised $14.8 million United States dollar (USD) in an illicit transaction that has turned out to be a fraud and there was a disregard for the regulatory requirements in this transactions. Veritaseum (VERI) may have earned around $15 Million United States dollar (USD) from an initial coin offering and this may be an unregistered regulation of the cryptocurrency. The emergency lawsuit is for the crackdown in the way in which Veritaseum (VERI) has made this amount. At the time of writing this article Veritaseum (VERI) was trading at $5.28 against the United States dollar (USD) and the coin was showing a positive and upward growth of 16.15 percent. The market cap of the coin was $11,344,279 United States dollar (USD) and the trading volume of the coin was $606,731 United States dollar (USD). The following is an excerpt from the lawsuit filed “Defendants knowingly misled investors about their prior business venture and the use of offering proceeds; touted outsized — but fictitious — investor demand for VERI; and claimed to have a product ready to generate millions of dollars of revenue, when no such product existed” The United States Security and exchange Commission (SEC) is further concerned that Veritaseum (VERI) is manipulating with its digital currency in order to become more attractive to crypto traders. The coin was trading at as high as around $15 but this emergency lawsuit has given a huge blow to the coin and has caused massive damage to the digital currency. Let us see how the coin plays out in the days to come.

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  • Its seems they always skip over the issue. There is always this refusal to acknowledge or “give-in” in to the reality of what its happening on their part Does anyone know why this mentality exists? Is there anyway to stop it? Or try to get through to these people that’s its tyranny that is the enemy?

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  • When people are foolish into thinking that the “law” (police, written laws) protect them, does that afford them to not protecting themselves, because they think that the police, and or “law” is always going to be there for them? I feel this will only influence these ‘types’ of people to provoke others whom they dont like, because they know the “law will be on their side.” So as an example: When the person reacts, naturally, the instigator can turn around and say, “Help, help, police!” I feel that this is an abuse and exploitation of law and policing. When police and or law protects people, do people foolishly think that the law is on their side and they can bend it to their will, against their enemies AKA: people they dont like in society, and do they? My conclusion is that people use the police and law, to get THEM what they want against their enemies, because they KNOW the law will “protect” them in the process. So in many cases you find for example, bad co-workers, bosses, friends and family, who deliberately instigate a provocation KNOWING FULLY the other persons reaction, so that person they targeted, can be sent to jail or fined.  The police or laws are exploited as a mafia type agency for these types of people. One could say the strong arm of these types of people. All the while these people, DONT PROTECT THEMSELVES! Your thoughts?

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