This week’s guest is Simon Dixon, co-founder & CEO of Bnk To The Future, Simon is also the author of the book Bank to the Future,…. Simon regularly speaks on the future of finance to governments, businesses, investors and financial institutions.

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Hey! My name is Tatiana Moroz. I am a passionate singer-songwriter heavily involved in the Libertarian and Bitcoin movement. I have created the first ever artist cryptocurrency Tatiana Coin and also founded an activist talent agency called Same Side Entertainment. I recently launched Crypto Media Hub which is an advertising network for the Bitcoin world and beyond. It's free for advertisers and we work with almost every major media outlet in the space including Bitcoin Magazine, YBitcoin, Bitcoinist, Brave New Coin, Let's Talk Bitcoin, Coin Telegraph and many more.


  • Would it be worthwhile advocating for a voluntary state? Now this might seem a contradiction in terms, but consider this: 1) This state would collect voluntary taxation 2) Candidates would be elected by voters to spend the voluntary taxes on ‘public services’ such as welfare, public housing etc., all the goodies progressives want. 3) This state would not have the power to use force in its interactions with citizens Advocating such a system would show that these things can be paid for voluntary, and expose the gun in the room of our current system. Just a thought. Has such an idea ever been proposed? Would it be worthwhile?

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  • Cryptocurrency Opportunists Investors and early adopters of cryptocurrency recognize the inevitable revolutionary change awaiting society and the huge income opportunity before them as they prepare to capitalize on the mainstream public adoption of this new technology trend in the next 24 to 36 months. The purpose of this whitepaper is to bring clarity to the marketplace to help investors and early adopters recognize where real value and opportunities lie. – Bob Wood , CEO, Nexxus Partners

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  • I have been developing a language learning computer program and would like to get an investor involved to help my team get that boost of capital we need to complete our projects. However, I cannot imagine getting along well with most Angel Investors because our acceptable means of making money would likely lead to conflict (I would never accept a military contract if offered, nor would I use a patent I held to offensively shut down competitors). I was wondering if anyone knew of any links where I could find and contact AnCap Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors. Thanks.

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