After a short break, The Tatiana Show is back! Join Tatiana Moroz this week for a discussion with Brennan, the CEO of Clef. He’s trying to replace passwords with something much simpler. How cool is that?

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Hey! My name is Tatiana Moroz. I am a passionate singer-songwriter heavily involved in the Libertarian and Bitcoin movement. I have created the first ever artist cryptocurrency Tatiana Coin and also founded an activist talent agency called Same Side Entertainment. I recently launched Crypto Media Hub which is an advertising network for the Bitcoin world and beyond. It's free for advertisers and we work with almost every major media outlet in the space including Bitcoin Magazine, YBitcoin, Bitcoinist, Brave New Coin, Let's Talk Bitcoin, Coin Telegraph and many more.


  • Currently, has at least five JavaScript-based social plugins: <span style=”line-height: 27.200000762939453px;”>AddThis</span> Facebook Connect Google+ LinkedIn Widgets Twitter So unless you have a privacy plugin for your browser (I can recommend Ghostery), all those companies will be able to track your activity on I think this is really disconcerting. I trust, but I don’t trust Facebook or Google. Both of those companies are anti-privacy, and is essentially enabling them to record who are liberty-oriented and link that to their profiles.

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  • While one segment of the us government is trying to require a safe and proper backdoor to everyone’s communication we simultaneously see how all of that is being counter hacked , and there is very little keeping uber-hacking tools out of the public.

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  • TOR browsing.  Is anyone interested in discussing the TOR browser and related issues?

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  • So a friend mentioned Bitseal, which was the first I have heard of it. Apparently this is a secure IM for Android.. So tech geeks educate me.. What are your thoughts on it?

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  • Drug cartels kidnap and extort from farmers and everyone else, and shoot government cops, and threaten journalists, and steal… why don’t Mexicans hire Blackwater or Xe or Academi or G4S for security?

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