Tatiana interviews Juliet Annerino & Dan Novaes

– Juliet Annerino is an editorial and copywriter, playwright,
international chanteuse, and composer. She writes contention
the blockchain space for KrowdMentor based in Los Angeles
and Bloc-Worx based in London. Recent projects she has
contributed to include: TaaS (Token as a Service), Hacken,
d10e (international disruptive platform convention), BIC
(Blockchain Investors Consortium), Propy and Gibraltar
Blockchain Exchange (The world’s first nationally regulated
blockchain exchange).

– Dan Novaes is a Co-Founder, CEO of Current Current is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets you choose how to stream and pay for your media. Join 200,000+ people who are already on Current. The ecosystem is made up of a media platform, a utility token, and a protocol that makes adoption of cryptocurrency as easy as pressing play.

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Meet the hosts

Hey! My name is Tatiana Moroz. I am a passionate singer-songwriter heavily involved in the Libertarian and Bitcoin movement. I have created the first ever artist cryptocurrency Tatiana Coin and also founded an activist talent agency called Same Side Entertainment. I recently launched Crypto Media Hub which is an advertising network for the Bitcoin world and beyond. It's free for advertisers and we work with almost every major media outlet in the space including Bitcoin Magazine, YBitcoin, Bitcoinist, Brave New Coin, Let's Talk Bitcoin, Coin Telegraph and many more.


  • It appears to me that one of the biggest drawbacks to the current model of cryptocurrencies is the lack of reversibility in transactions. Historically, third parties such as banks have enabled transactions to be reversed, such as refunds or guaranteeing purchases. I think that if cryptocurrencies want to avoid third parties as much as possible, they should adopt a method for reversing transactions for the purpose of dispute resolution. Thoughts?

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  • Hi Justin Please can you share the article “Only the Black Market Matters” I cannot find it and need it for research.

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  • And we thought we were excited when ETH was 2.00 USD per ETH. 10 USD and up! Market cap is larger than all other crypto-currencies combined (minus BTC). Wouldn’t be surprised to see some pullback for a bit while short term traders take profits.      

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  • Intro- Blockchain basics: business ledgers Classes coming <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>

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  • How will people generate income and/or put food on the table as A.I. and automation continue to become more capable, self-learning, and cheaper? Eventually humans will be “unemployable”, much like horses are “unemployable” today, except for narrow novelty purposes (entertainment, sport, horse drawn carriages, etc.). How do we prep for technological unemployment?

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