Peter Todd is a man known throughout the crypto community, and yet, barely has a bio listed about himself. He has been interviewed hundreds of times, so I wanted to take a different approach.  I have always known Peter socially, but while I recognize his technical contributions, I have to say our conversation around abortion, immigration, and other such controversial topics kept me pretty entertained during our in depth interview at Tone Vays’ Unconfiscatable event!  I can’t say his views are conventional, you may not agree, he may be trolling, but this is one of the most boisterous interviews I have done yet on the Tatiana Show. Don’t listen if you are easily offended, and if you are, oh well. This is a bit uncensored!

About the Guests:

Peter Todd is a Bitcoin enthusiast and expert, consultant and leading developer related to cryptocurrency and blockchain software at Bitcoin Core, which is considered to be the official client application for operations with Bitcoin. Peter Todd is famous for his profound knowledge of the security properties of the Bitcoin network and other decentralized technologies. He holds a degree in integrated media.

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  • It appears to me that one of the biggest drawbacks to the current model of cryptocurrencies is the lack of reversibility in transactions. Historically, third parties such as banks have enabled transactions to be reversed, such as refunds or guaranteeing purchases. I think that if cryptocurrencies want to avoid third parties as much as possible, they should adopt a method for reversing transactions for the purpose of dispute resolution. Thoughts?

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