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Roman Zrazhevskiy is the founder and CEO of Ready To Go Survival, an eCommerce company specializing in personalized survival kits. The company has been featured in many prominent media outlets, including: The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Fox News Radio, along with highly acclaimed HBO show High Maintenance.

Along with being an avid preparedness advocate, Roman has a professional background in FinTech marketing and advises startups on growth strategies. In his spare time, you can catch him at the handball courts in Coney Island or the backwoods ripping up trails on his dirt bike.

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  • I have considered this for a few years , what would be the best combination of caliber’s for a basic self defence/survival For minimum money and maximum bang. For the uninitiated or new shooter I would suggest 22lr, 38/357 , 12 gauge,  and 7.62×39 , and the following matching firearms Ruger 22 pistol, and a bolt action 22 lr rifle , a 38/357 Taurus tracker and 38/357 lever action rifle , a 12 gauge remington 870 pump  with an 18 or 20 bbl and finally an AK several very reliable manufacturers of the auto loader available. Unfortunately I have more than 4 caliber’s in my collection and I will add more sophisticated options later.

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